Sunday, 30 October 2016

passion Project

The gear you should wear:
Ski boots, woollen socks, ski poles, helmet, goggles, neck warmer, gloves, ski jacket, ski pants, thermal top and bottoms

Step 1:
You need to click into your skis and then hold onto your poles as you hop onto the chairlift.  

Step 2:
When you get off the chairlift you start by doing some easy
Skytopdzonskis7.jpgturns such as pizzaring (like the girl in the photo) Repeat that 40 times                                                                                                 
Step 3:
After that try to make your skis parallel and try to do some easy turns while trying to make your skis parallel Repeat that 10 times.

Step 4: (step 4 is optional)
Go up to the higher part of the mountain and do same easy turns up there or if you do not want to do this stay at the bottom part of the mountain and do what I said at Step 3

Step 5:

At 2:00 you can un click your skis and go home or you can repeat what you are doing and then you can un click your skis and go home.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

skiing poem

“5 SECONDS” “5” my legs are shaking “4”  I think I’m going to die
“3” I have Butterflies in my Tummy
“2” I am scared “1” ok! I’m ready!
I’m on the track, I’m doing well
Faster Faster Faster!
There is the Finish line
tak tak tak!  I did it!

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Sunday, 29 November 2015



I live in Hawke's Bay.
Hi my name is Luke.

My book is about my career in ski racing.
You will see Mountains, Skiing,photos and snowflakes.
You will see photos of me on the front cover of the

We made the books to either send to the book boat in Laos or send the money raised when we sell the book to Community Learning International which will help support the book boat that travels on the Mekong River.
                                                   11/30/ 2015
                                                         room 14

Aue, te me te Mamae

Aue, te me te Mamae

The clouds tell me that they are thinking about rain. The  broken down Sandcastles look like an owner has left them unlocked.   It's not a day to swim in the sea.      

Awesome effort  
beach-sea-130716.jpg  11/30/2015 room 14